In 2015 Ilija Trajkovski found himself working with Colerain Middle School and teacher Kathy Grimm with her 6th – 8th grade after school Architecture Club. This years theme was “dwelling”.

“Students will research and design a place to live on a real site for a chosen client who may be fictional, contemporary, historical of otherwise. Students will learn about design and architecture concepts, build a final model, and document their process throughout the program”.

Design LAB: Learn And Build is a design education program offered to Cincinnati area K-12 classrooms. Currently 50 teachers in 80 classrooms, 64 volunteers and approximately 1500 students across our community are working together to learn, create and innovate.

This year’s Educators’ Guide gives teachers a wealth of learning resources aligned with Ohio’s New Learning Standards so teachers can use Design LAB to enhance classroom learning in social studies, science, math, language arts, technology, and other subjects. Generous volunteers from architectural firms, construction companies, interior design studios and others will spend in excess of 600 hours working with students.

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